Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sparrow Inspiration

Does God have a purpose for me? Its a question I've pondered over and, well... agonized over for years. It seemed that God had used every avenue possible to convince me. Faith is a very crucial factor, I know. But since I couldn't see it, didn't feel it, it seemed too hard to believe it.  

More than one year ago, a friend penned these words to me:

          You're too talented to follow in anyone else's shadow.
          You're too valuable to live someone else's destiny.
          You're Lorina... and God has plans for you!

I wondered if my friend was right. A destiny seemed hard to believe in when today seemed like nothing special. But my friend's words remained tucked away in my mind, only to surface later on when I heard a song, A Sparrow Song.

I wasn't sure about this song when I first heard it... In the words of a friend, "It's kinda strange..."
But I came to see in this song a message that has impacted me greatly.

Oh, how I identify with that little sparrow... Though I may not be the biggest, the brightest, the boldest... whatever the "est" is, that doesn't discount a plan, purpose, destiny from the Creator.
God's purpose for me was designed with me in mind.

It's okay to be one of "the least of these". The goal is not to be someone I'm not, but to be the person God created me to be. The goal is not to strive to be great, but to be like Jesus.
And if that's one of "the least of these", it's okay.

The little sparrow displays a level of contentment, humbleness, and praise to God that a king would envy. And that's exactly what God will give me, if I first give myself to Him.

Does God have a purpose for me? A journey of years, but I can say with utmost assurance that yes, He does. And there is beauty in the fact that it's not just for me, but for you. Then, like two little sparrows, together we can sing praises to God saturated with the simplicity of contentment, humbleness, and gratitude.

Monday, January 19, 2015

(Re)Defining Me

Lo ri na
[luh - ree - nuh]
     1. ...............

How do I define myself?
Is my definition true enough? broad enough? lived enough? valued enough?

It seems a little odd to think of myself as having a definition. I mean, words have definitions, right?
But to define is simply to set forth the meaning of something. And isn't it true that life has meaning?

Without definition, a word lies meaningless.
To my logical mind, I see words as having both a creator and a purpose.
Without a creator, a word never existed. Without meaning, a word isn't used.

When God willed me into existence...
          He became my Creator.
          He gained the right to define [give meaning to] me.

My students, like many, try to take shortcuts. In an attempt to write as few words as possible, I sometimes find them writing partial definitions for their spelling homework.
When attempting to use those words later on, will they be used correctly? Maybe, maybe not.
It quickly becomes evident that an incomplete definition is simply not good enough.
Its true with words, and its true with life.

It seems an insult to God [the Creator] to define my life by the boss I work for or the instrument I play...
I am doing my God and myself a disservice to accept a rushed, incomplete definition for my life.

It is time to let God define His own...